Sparkleberry Bath Essentials was created because I was tired of all the chemicals and detergents in my bath products. I wanted a product that was natural and hand crafted. I started researching what commercial soaps used for ingredients. I came to the realization I wanted something better. I have always leaned towards natural and organic products. I have enjoyed doing many crafts over the years. I love to make jewelry,sewing and cooking. Soap making is just an extension of my love for making my own products. I started giving friends and family my products and everyone loved how pure and natural they were. They are good for your skin and your health. 

Why Sparkleberry ? Sparkleberry is a kind of blueberry bush. It is mainly used by birds and other forest creatures for food. The sparkleberry bush produce beautiful bell shaped flowers in the late spring. We recently moved to southern Greenville County in South Carolina and our property has 100's of sparkleberry bushes. It just seemed natural to name my company after these beautiful plants.